15 July 2012

The Morse Thermometer - Part 2

Reverse Engineering a Solar Lamp
Part 1 of this post is a write-up of my project for a thermometer with Morse code output. But I was not satisfied with the relatively high power consumption of the circuit, so I decided to use a solar cell to supply the circuit.

A cheap source of solar cells these days are solar garden lamps. You get them for very little money in garden centres and DIY shops. So I went and bought one. The general idea was that such a lamp would not only give me the solar cell, but also a water-tight enclosure, a rechargeable battery and a boost circuit so that all aspects of the power supply would be covered.

And the supply should be more that sufficient for my purposes, since in my thermometer, the LED would only switch on a fraction of the time. By setting the display cycle time carefully, it should be possible to supply the thermometer for 24h per day.