2 July 2011

The Charlie Cube Mark II: 4x4x4

Project Features
  • Minimal hardware
  • Wiring more complex than standard led cubes
  • LED duty cycle 1/8

Update: There is a schematic and part list available here.
WARNING: Do not build this cube unless you know what you are doing! It uses minimal hardware but is difficult to understand.

There is a new design which is much easier to build with a very low part count.

When I had finished my first charlieplexed LED cube (3x3x3) I wondered whether my next project should be a 4x4x4 cube. But at the time I thought it wasn't worth the effort. After all, I had just shown that a charlieplexed cube is possible and that it can be done with reasonable effort.

The 4x4x4 would of course have 64 LEDs, which would mean quite a lot of soldering. And since I would definitely want to use bright wide-angle LEDs, it wouldn't come cheap.

But the idea never really went away and when I found a good offer for a set of 100 suitable blue LEDs I simply couldn't resist.