11 June 2009

The Nano POV

The Micro POV was about making a really small POV display. I wanted it to be as small as I possibly could make it. And it is small. But when I wrote my post about it, a thought struck me: It can be even smaller. I had used a AVR tiny24 controller, which only has 14 pins. But I could also have used a tiny25, which only has 8 pins (including VCC, GND and reset) and still could control 8 LEDs. How is that possible? Simple: By combining the current saving technique from the Micro POV with the LED multiplexing technique of the matrix display I made. To operate the Micro POV I had used a scheme were always only one LED gets activated at a time. This makes the device perfectly suitable for using charlieplexing. And since I wanted to control 8 LEDs I needed only four I/O ports to do this. This was the birth of the Nano POV.