28 May 2009

The Micro POV

Electronics design in my opinion is the art of finding the best compromise. And this can be quite a complex art. There are many different and sometimes contradicting requirements to a project: Cost, time, space, weight, power, technology, market, availability of materials and tools, knowledge. This is why the all singing all dancing solution isn't always a good solution. Sometimes less is more. And I don't know why that is, but I have a special affection for minimalistic solutions.

I know, there are POV projects on the net in abundance. And most of them are some kind of propeller clock. There are a few really nice examples and I wanted to have one. I even started to build such a work of art and it was going to be really great with lots of colour and such. But very soon I gave up, because I just don't have the skills or equipment to build more complicated mechanical objects.

I realised that I had to reduce my expectations - a lot. And looking at various projects that I found on the net, I decided that maybe I should go for something really ... compact. And so the idea for a micro POV was born.

The name is of course a reference to the open source project MiniPOV by ladyada. But I wanted to go one step smaller - something to wear e.g. on the wrist. Of course that generates a few problems, which is just what made the whole thing the more interesting. Every component for this project needs special attention.