6 May 2016

A Low-Cost EggPlotter

  • Plots on spheres and eggs, similar to the EggBot
  • Uses low-cost components (total cost around 25 €)
  • Software is written as an Arduino sketch
  • But: NOT as accurate as the original EggBot

8 February 2016

WiFiRGB - A WiFi-enabled RGB high-power LED

  • Simple hardware, using pre-fabricated modules
  • Controls an RGB LED via any recent browser, any operating system
  • WiFi credentials can be configured via browser
  • Software is written as an Arduino sketch

6 January 2015

A MythTV Remote Control without LIRC - Power Switch Addon

This is a little add-on for my MythTV remote control. It adds a hardware power switch feature. This means that you can switch the PC on even if it is completely shut down. There is just one condition, which is that the remote control receiver must have power, supplied through the USB port. On most modern mainboards, this is an option in the BIOS settings. The additional hardware is relatively simple, but the added benefit is substantial, so I think it is worth the effort.