14 June 2011

Now on Flickr

Since some of my projects result in photos, I decided to create a Flickr account to host them in more detail than is possible in the blog.

You can find them on


I recently took a few new  pictures with milk on a blue plate, which can also be found there. Here is an example.

11 June 2011

A Simple Electronics Project for Kids

Project Features
  • Simple
  • Cheap
  • Doesn't take long
  • Can be done by children (with a little help)
When I was working on one of my projects recently, my 8-year-old son came along and wanted to "help me". I was working on something really complicated and there was no way I would let him meddle with it.

On the other hand I wanted to take the opportunity to show him that electronics can be fun. So I decided to build a small 9-Volt torch light with him.